7 tips to promote an Instagram account

7 tips to promote an Instagram account

How to promote Instagram in 2023: SMM service provider and other tips

Promotion on Instagram is a complicated aspect involving a lot of nuances, and it is important to consider a lot of details and keep a balance between the number of followers and their activity. A competent Instagram promotion strategy also includes using SMM service provider – cheap services will quickly take even the most modest blog to a new height.
We have prepared a guide to Instagram page promotion in 2023 – check our tips, implement them, and get results!

Don’t disappear

Many popular bloggers call consistency the key to their success. According to statistics, more than 60% of Instagram users open an application at least one time per day, and the huge number of posts, Stories, and recommendations are trying to get their attention. How to become of these lucky accounts? By regularly posting content within your niche, you will create a special bond with your audience, and they will get form an opinion about you as a blogger.
Another tactic that may attract more attention your account is cheap SMM services – likes, views for Reels, comments, and subscribers. They work as a bait and encourage potential followers to visit your account and learn more about your blog.

Don’t use trendy and viral hashtags

Tags are one of the basic ways to promote any account on Instagram, and it’s completely free. They won’t bring the same results as an SMM provider panel but they still work and attract interested people to your blog. But you need to use this tool wisely. First of all, create a file with collection of hashtags for your niche or topic, and divide them by several categories:
1.     viral or trendy – they will be changing quite often, depending on the most popular event in your niche right now (for example, #Oscars or #GoldenGlobe);
2.     personal or brand tags – unique hashtags of every blogger;
3.     frequency – less than 100k / 50k posts per tag.
Avoid using viral tags that have nothing to do with your niche. In the worst case scenario, it will cause certain bewilderment among the audience who is looking for specific content but sees your irrelevant post or Reel instead. If your hashtags don’t bring you enough engagement and activity, use a cheap SMM reseller provider to get more likes and reaches from hashtags.

Create viral Reels and posts

Viral content is the only way to get noticed on Instagram organically in 2023. Only 7 years ago, before we got algorithms, posts appeared in the feed in chronological order. And now, it is not so easy to get people’s attention – the algorithm “generates” feed for each user based on his preferences and shows him the content that he may like. That’s why virality is your step to success.
Algorithms make everything simple and complicated at the same time: you get likes and comments = you are interesting. That’s how Instagram created bloggers’ dependence on the count of views, likes and comments. And luckily, you can get all these things from a cheap SMM service provider. But it doesn’t mean that you may create mediocre content – real users will still have high expectations.

Get more activity with an SMM service provider

Some people believe that growing organically is the most honest way to get famous on social media. Well, it may definitely be the longest way to promote your blog, and don’t be surprised when you find out that the majority of famous people on Instagram regularly use the cheapest SMM panel for boosting activity on their pages – buy likes, Reel views, comments, and followers.
Considering the ever-growing competition for users’ attention, buying such services is the quickest way to get noticed. Yes, you may nurture your blog and create useful and viral publications – and in the end, they will be appreciated by 30-50 devoted fans. However, such statistics won’t be enough if you plan to go big. And without a quality SMM reseller, you won’t reach the same level of success.

Switch to minimalism

Complex collages, logos, emojis, stickers, and even 3D graphics in Stories may be very impressive. But the truth is that minimalistic design is trending now, and you don’t have to waste your time anymore. If you regularly add many details to your Stories, it becomes more and more difficult for the audience to get the idea of your thought. Plus, your audience will get used to it, and it will quite difficult to surprise them.
Want to create a WOW effect on your Instagram page? Try to limit cool visual elements and switch to minimalism. You don’t have to change the style dramatically, but a smooth transition is possible. Check how your followers react to these novelties, and if they don’t like what’s happening in the blog, use cheap SMM service to get more likes.

Use a short text instead of a long video

On Instagram, your main task as a blogger is to captivate user’s attention. However, with so many blogs and Stories to watch, many people have no time to scroll through the whole story line. At first, people posted videos in Stories. Then – a video with subtitles (because many people watch Stories without sound).
Now, the trends are changing fast, and currently, it’s better to post a text on a plain background. Try doing this for a week, and you’ll notice that engagement will be only increasing. Give your audience the main point right away because 2-4 correctly written sentences are perceived easier than 15 (and already more) seconds of a “talking head”. Even with subtitles. However, if this theory doesn’t work for your audience, get back to old ways and restore the balance of likes and views with a reliable SMM provider panel.

Show your personality and values

Through blogs, people to show their expertise. But since the competition is growing and there are more and more cool experts appearing on Instagram every day, users choose a blog not by the quality of content, but by personality traits and blogger’s values.
That’s why, in order to “vibe” with your audience and potential followers, don’t forget to share more about your values. Add more life content to Stories, for example, or make Highlight with basic info about yourself. Useful content should remain the center of your blog but its amount in 2023 is significantly reduced.
Making a good impression and convincing new users to follow you in 2023 may be quite tricky but with the help of our tips and the cheapest SMM panel, you may achieve impressive results!