7 strategies to grow on Instagram

7 strategies to grow on Instagram

7 best strategies to grow on Instagram: SMM panel + organic ways

The question of growing on Instagram has been bothering people for a decade, but now, the need to attract more real users to a blog is more than vital. With the appearance of professional and personal blogs, the race for a user’s attention became even tenser. Of course, the smartest people already cracked the code and grow with the help of Instagram SMM panel. But is there any way to get real people?
When you work and hard and consistent on your blog, it doesn’t always bring good result. First of all, the rules of the game changes every few months, and to be succeed, a blogger should not only be active but track the most important trends and follow them. In this article, we will discuss 7 best strategies for growing on Instagram, and together with a social media panel, they will allow you to see major changes.

Stick to the content that’s easy to digest

You should never make the people consuming your content tired or confused. Social media is created for quick consuming: short videos, 15 seconds Stories, and not lengthy texts. When offering your audience an easily digestible content, you have more chances to make it viral. The visual presentation of your publications and Reels and even the text must be laid out in a way that makes it easy for people to understand.
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Post at least one type of content every day

In the past, bloggers were pushed into being super productive. That required posting a dozen of Stories per day, making a post, and on top of that – creating a Reel. Well, this strategy is in the past but it’s still important to remind your audience about your social media presence, and also, get new people hooked to your blog.
But how to do that without a possible burnout?
First of all, you should have a content plan where you allocate all the types of content you’re making in certain days:
·       Stories: 3-4 times per week;
·       Reels: 2-3 times per week;
·       posts with texts: 1 time per week;
·       live: 2 times per month.
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Attracting followers with a cheap Instagram SMM panel

As we mentioned earlier, fake activity is vital for any blog, especially if you are a beginner. Many blog owners think they can grow organically if they keep posting quality and interesting stuff, but in reality, it’s almost impossible to build a strong community and become popular on social media without an SMM provider panel. Don’t be afraid to buy likes, comments, Reel views, and followers – it’s relatively cheap but can change the fate of your account.
Although many bloggers want to grow organically, it quickly becomes clear that a social media panel is the best way to grow quickly and stop wasting time on persuading Instagram users to join your blog.

Use subtitles in your videos

If you want people to watch your Stories and Reels until the end, always add subtitles to all “talking heads” and other video content. Videos without text on the screen get less engagement because the majority of users don’t even watch Instagram with sound anymore. Also, if a user will find your video useful or interesting, they will rewatch it again – this time, with sound on. It will increase the general number of views. Also, if you want to get more activity for your content, order chear services from the website of our Instagram SMM panel.

Work on your content plan

You are probably bored to hear that – but this true. Without a proper plan, your account will never become more than a “personal blog”. Here are a few steps you should take before promoting your profile:
1.     pick a niche;
2.     select 3-4 topics you want to cover in your blog;
3.     define your target audience (describe a person you’re making your content for, his problems and needs);
4.     check the trendy and viral events and things that happen in your niche (do it weekly);
5.     create a plan for your content – what you will post on each day.
Working on content plan is the basics of a successful Instagram account. Also, don’t forget to add more activity and subscribers from the top SMM panel to make an impression of a popular blog.

Become your target audience’s point B

Inspiration is one of the most significant factors why people follow complete strangers on social media. If you are the person your potential followers want to be in the future (more fit, more educated, more stylish, richer, etc), they will gladly join your blog to learn more about your way.
To become someone’s source of inspiration is one of the greatest blessings in the world. So, no matter what niche you have chosen for your Instagram profile, make sure to demonstrate A class content – when users look up to your information and posts, trust your opinion, and even ask for your advice, it means you’re doing it right. Sometimes, it may be difficult to be become an inspiration with 100 followers, but you already know that our SMM provider panel can change everything, even the low engagement of your account!

Attractive profile

Your profile is not just the content and information you post. When social media users visits your blog and sees harmony and style in everything, they get more desire to learn about your blog. Make sure to refine the following aspects:
·       profile pic – should be bright and ideally with your face;
·       bio – describe the value you give with your information, add call-to-action, talk about your advantages in comparison with other similar bloggers;
·       Highlights – pay special attention to the names (they should be catchy and make a user want to check more);
·       Reel covers.
Once you try to improve your strategy with our tips, you will notice a huge growth of your Instagram account, and many people would gladly turn into your loyal audience. Also, don’t forget to buy cheap services from an SMM reseller panel to achieve even better results in your promotion.