7 reasons to start your Telegram channel

7 reasons to start your Telegram channel

What are some reasons to start your blog and get subscribers on Telegram?

Keep scrolling through social media and wondering “shall I start my own blog?”. You definitely have a lot to share – every person’s experience and knowledge are unique. However, not everyone becomes successful on the Internet. In this article, we’ll discuss how you can start your channel and get subscribers on Telegram.
It’s impossible to define “the best platform” for blog – each of them has its own features. YouTube’s main focus is on long videos, Twitter is for short thoughts, TikTok is more about short videos – think about your niche when you choose.
Let’s focus on 7 reasons why Telegram can be your No.1 messenger.

#1. There are no algorithms on Telegram

When dealing with Instagram, you never what to expect. Algorithms decide what content to show, what posts to hide, how many of your followers will see your publication, and even when they see your Stories.
Telegram is a messenger. All notifications are in chronological order and placed between regular chats with friends or colleagues. So when you choose Telegram as your platform for blog, be sure that all Telegram channel members will see your content. By default, they may even get notifications on their screen when you publish a new post.

#2. Multiple types of content

Telegram is not limiting itself to one type of content, like plenty of other apps. Your possibilities are almost infinite. You can share:
·       text and photos;
·       videos of any length and size (including recorded videos);
·       clickable links;
·       audio files and messages;
·       files with any extension.
One of the best things about this app is that you can use a cheap Telegram panel for growth. GlobalSMM offers you multiple options – from subscribers to post reactions. Check our services here.

#3. You can buy Telegram members to promote your channel

It may be complicated to grow a blog from the scratch when you have no followers and recognition. One of the main disadvantages of Telegram is that it won’t promote your posts – there is no recommendation page. So you need to do it hard way.
Usually people share publications they like with their friends – this is the best promoting technique. The main thing to worry about is the quality of your content. Since Telegram channel members can repost any publication and potentially attract new followers, it’s important to encourage your current readers.
If statistics are low or keep declining, think about using a cheap Telegram panel. With GlobalSMM, you can get subscribers on Telegram and improve the visible metrics under your publications.
Here’s what we offer:
  • group/channel members from different countries;
  • post views (up to 500 last publications);
  • reactions to posts;
  • comments in 7 languages;
  • votes for your polls.
The opportunity to grow quick is pretty tempting but don’t forget about real work. You can find useful tips in our article What Are Some Working Ways To Increase Telegram Memebers.

#4. The messenger has lots of tools

Telegram is universal app for any kind of blog – shops, lifestyle blogs, education platforms, courses and training can be done in the app. Users value it because they don’t need to register on other websites, get annoying emails, and go other platforms to get what they want.
Telegram bots will take your blog or business to a brand-new level. They will save you plenty of time. We’ve gathered some useful bots to become better than competitors and get subscribers on Telegram:
1.     DeLorean (@delorean-bot) allows you to schedule date and time for your posts. The content will be automatically posted without you.
2.     Dr.Web (@drwebbot) acts like an anti-virus and checks the safety of links and files.
3.     PollBot (@pollbot) will create a simple poll, which you can share with your audience.
4.     PosterBot (@pstrbot) sends your posts from other social networks directly to your Telegram channel or group.
5.     URL Shortener Bot (@LinkGeneratorBot) will make your publications more elegant since it cuts unreadable and sometimes infinite URLs into their shorter versions.
We’ve been through half of our article but you can already notice that Telegram is full of useful tools and options for growing.

#5. Telegram channel members are more educated and mature

Before you create your channel, it’s important to analyze and understand what kind of audience you are aiming at. YouTube is a universal platform because people of all ages can find useful content there. TikTok is mostly for teenagers (it doesn’t mean that adults don’t use it, though). And what about Telegram?
As of February 2022, only 8% of Telegram users are teenagers (below 18 years old). It means that people who use the app and join the channels are older and more mature. The biggest share of app users (around 31%) is people aged 25-34.
Another metric to know is the gender. According to statistics, only 39% of Telegram users are women. This information can be crucial when choosing a niche.

#6. You don’t need a personal brand to get subscribers on Telegram

When creating your content for a Telegram channel you don’t need to alter useful posts with lifestyle photos or information. We already have Instagram for that. As you may understand from the previous part of our article, older and more mature audience have no time for entertainment.
So here’s what you should remember.
Telegram channel members didn’t join your blog to see the pics of breakfast or a cat. They are here to get useful information. Give them some.

#7. Less time for content creation

Since you don’t have to document every step of yours, working on Telegram gives you more free time. There are also no rules like “reply to every comment within 1 hour” or “interact with your audience to get promoted”. Your growth depends on the quality of your information and a cheap Telegram panel.
We hope that this article helped you to make up your mind and eliminate all doubts and worries you had about this messenger. Visit the GlobalSMM website to buy Telegram followers and get new tips on social media promotion.