7 myths about SMM panel for Instagram

7 myths about SMM panel for Instagram

The most popular myths about using SMM panel for Instagram

Promotion on social media is surrounded by numerous rumors and guesses. Recommendations and tips spread across the Internet faster than the plague. Today, GlobalSMM is going to dispel 7 popular myths about SMM panel for Instagram.
People who try to promote their blogs or shops on social media have millions of questions about the work of algorithms and the methods of successful promotion. Buying likes and followers for your account is sometimes considered to be a dangerous activity. At least, this is what numerous websites tell you about. We want to prove that using a cheap SMM provider can be easy, affordable, and totally safe.
Without any further ado, let’s learn about those 7 rumors!

Myth 1: a panel for Instagram followers is useless

Many so-called experts claim that buying Insta followers won’t do you any good. However, it’s not true.
First of all, it’s a great opportunity for new blogs to hit the first 1k. No matter how good your content is, users will always look at the number of followers you have before they hit the “subscribe” button. Never forget that likes and followers are a measure of success on the Internet.
At the same time, be moderate and don’t buy more activity than necessary. Yes, it’s tempting to get 10,000 likes under a single post but it would look ridiculous in an account with 500 followers. Choose the panel that offers you different options – and start with ordering a small number of likes and subscribers.
GlobalSMM is an inexpensive and reliable panel for Instagram followers, likes, and comments. We work with all accounts (public and private) and offer more than 300 services for all popular social media platforms.

Myth 2: buying likes and followers is cheating

Organic growth may take years, while a top SMM panel can skyrocket your statistics quickly. Still, some users consider these likes and comments not genuine. But don’t let yourself get fooled – likes and comments still matter a lot!
The choice is yours: if you want to devote all your time inventing the catchy captions and thinking about how to attract the audience, we can’t stop you. But we want you to know there’s another way. And considering that Instagram not only uses algorithms to “mess” with our accounts but also a special ranging system, you may need some help from the aside.
By the way, you’re very naive to believe that no one is using services for Instagram likes and followers. Why do you think an SMM panel for Instagram is in such high demand? Because people tried these services and were satisfied with the results. GlobalSMM has completed more than 7.7 million orders – isn’t that a sign of excellent quality? Join us today and benefit from our trial option – we offer every new user some free Instagram likes and followers!

Myth 3: you won’t get quality services with a cheap SMM provider

Every article about a panel for Instagram followers basically screams: “Don’t buy it! You’ll get useless bots”. However, the quality of service has been significantly improved. Nowadays, you can get non-drop Instagram followers, meaningful comments and likes that won’t disappear.
An inxpensive SMM provider can also provide quality services. GlobalSMM has options for any budget – you can get several thousand real followers that won’t unfollow you. All our SMM services for Instagram contain a detailed description: find information about the drop rate, possibility to refill, and speed of the service. Get only what you need from our top SMM panel.

Myth 4: a panel won’t boost your activity

Likes, comments and followers are the statistics visible for everyone on Instagram but there are also posts and Stories views, reaches, impressions, and saves. Only the account owner can see them. However, they also matter.
With GlobalSMM, you can get the following services for Instagram:
  • new subscribers (real or bots);
  • views for your IGTV and Reels;
  • reaches (they indicate the number of unique users who have seen your posts);
  • reaches and impression from hashtags;
  • high-quality likes for posts.
As you can see, with a good panel for Instagram followers, you’ll be able to improve every important metric. Don’t forget, though, that your blog should also be interesting – remember about posting photos, write engaging captions and interact with your audience. Find more tips about managing a successful account here.

Myth 5: it’s expensive

Building a strong social media influence can be quite pricey. However, a cheap SMM provider can also offer you some budget-friendly options. It all depends on the size of your blog/shop. For example, if you need to buy only 1,000 likes and followers, they won’t cost you much. However, with the constant growth of your blog, the expenses for its maintenance will increase as well.
Usually, the cost of services provided by an SMM panel for Instagram depends on:
·       drop rate;
·       type of accounts (bots or real);
·       quality of accounts being involved (comments from accounts without avatar and publications are cheaper);
·       country where accounts are registered.
GlobalSMM has 319 options for any budget. Check our services and prices here. Choose what’s suitable for you right now and come back later to get more.

Myth 6: your account can be blocked

You’ve probably heard that you can be banned for using an SMM panel for Instagram. If this was true, there would be only a hundred accounts left on Instagram. Because the platform doesn’t punish people for boosting their activity. It deletes all fake accounts and their likes.
There are, however, several things that may to shadowban or account block. Posting inappropriate content (such as nudity) is against the community’s guidelines. Other people may report your posts but you won’t follow any consequences for getting some likes from a cheap SMM provider.

Myth 7: promotion is possible without an SMM panel for Instagram

There are multiple ways to increase the number of Instagram followers but none of them is as effective as SMM services. In-app promotion is pricey and requires hiring an SMM manager, paid ads from an influencer may not work out, LikeTimes may lead to a ban. Don’t waste your time on non-working ways of promotion.
You can improve all necessary statistics with a top SMM panel like GlobalSMM. Our service is safe to use – we don’t need your login details or password on Instagram. Create an account, top up the balance and choose the service that you need.