7 mistakes that every Telegram channel owner makes

7 mistakes that every Telegram channel owner makes

7 frequent mistakes that won’t help you get more Telegram members

With the increase of bloggers and commercial account, users basically get choked with the vast choice of offers. And for content creators, it’s a warning sign because it gets more and more complicated to get more Telegram members and grow the account. In this article, we give 7 recommendations on how you can improve your blog, keep the interest of your loyal audience, and even attract new faces to your channel.
Working on blog is constant challenge and not everything will work out. That’s why you should try every method and then analyze the result. Here are 7 crucial mistakes that stand in the way of your growth.

You don’t know what to write about

Unlike Instagram blogs, where the main task of the blogger is to entertain his audience, Telegram is all about being short and useful. When you create your channel, ask yourself “what problems of your target audience it will solve?”. Can they become more effective with your help (self-growth channel)? Are they going to get updates on upcoming movies (channel about movie industry)? Will they get useful fitness tips and techniques?
With the answer to this question in mind, begin working on the content-plan. It will help you stay focused on the value you bring and make the process of creating publications and looking for information easier. At the beginning, you may want to use a cheap Telegram panel to make your blog more attractive – more subscribers, reactions, and post views will convince newcomers in the credibility of your channel.

Thinking that you can prepare channel quickly

The main thing most people neglect is the initial preparation of their channel. If you think that you can improve it in the process, well, we have some bad news for you. In the world of social media, appearance (visual part of your blog) matters. Spend some time working on every aspect of your channel before presenting it to the public and starting promotion:
  • catchy and memorable channel name;
  • thorough and short description or info;
  • quality picture.
As another part of your preparation, you may also post 10-15 publication, create hashtags, and find where to buy Telegram members, reactions, and comments. Because when you only start, there’s hardly a chance that you’ll get a lot of activity.

Content is not diverse

Text, text, text… People will eventually get tired of the monotonous content, and your task is keep them interested in what you’re doing. Even if users initially joined your channel for expert information, they won’t stick around for long if you don’t use different techniques. Add polls, guides, checklists, reviews, photos, videos, user-generated content, and other things, and you’ll that activity is getting better.
If your subscribers are passive, you can mildly nudge them to show more activity. With the help SMM services, you can not only buy Telegram subscribers, but also get many reactions, comments in the chosen language, and other stats boosting activities. And as for your audience, they will be also happy to see that the channel is full of life.

You don’t work on the visuals of your content

Uploading mediocre content and low-quality photos almost equals to disrespecting your followers. With the level of competition, and you probably know a lot of channels with the same topic or similar niche, it’s hard to stand out and get more Telegram members. Especially if what you post is not refined. Also, bad photos can be the reasons why you don’t get any reposts.
One of the main advantages of having blog on Telegram is that your don’t have to post content daily or too frequently, like on Instagram. This means that you’ll have more time to prepare your publications and can devote more attention to the level of content (text, photos, and videos) that you are sharing. Although visual part is essential, don’t forget to check your text for possible mistakes before publishing it.

Your hooks (first phrases) are boring

On Telegram, users give priority to texts, and they are quite picky when it comes to consuming information. When you publish a new post, you need to create a gripping hook (catch phrase) that will attract attention of your followers and make them open and read your publication immediately. Forget about “hello” and “good morning”, go directly to the main hook, create intrigue, or offer something valuable so your audience won’t be able to resist. We’ve recently shared 9 catchy phrases to begin your post on Instagram with, but you can also use them for your Telegram channel.
Another trick that will attract people’s attention is a huge number of channel members. Of course, you can magically increase it unless you buy Telegram subscribers from a reliable provider. For new people, it will be sign that your content is worth their time.

There’s no value in your posts

Unlike Instagram users, people who choose to join channels on Telegram value their time. They are not looking for idle scrolling or entertainment – their main goal is to squeeze as much useful information from publications as possible. So, if your post was made out of boredom or just because you need to publish something, there’s no chance anyone would appreciate it.
If you stop sharing useful content, you may expect mass unfollowing. Don’t chase people trying to persuade them to stay. Focus on improving your channel instead. And if you don’t like the lowering number of followers, you know exactly where to buy Telegram members.

Too much life content

As we’ve mentioned earlier, the audience is not joining your channel to see the photos of your cat. If your blog is not about cats, of course. If you focus on yourself, your life, and your day, people will quickly unsubscribe, especially if you don’t stay in your niche. That’s why lifestyle blogs are more suitable for Instagram.
If you implement these recommendations in your blog, you will see first improvements quite quickly. Hard work in combination with a cheap Telegram panel will help to elevate your channel to a brand-new level of excellence.