7 mistakes on Telegram that won’t add followers

7 mistakes on Telegram that won’t add followers

Avoid at all cost: 7 mistakes that will never add Telegram members

Creating a Telegram channel is way cheaper and easier than starting a blog. The messenger has all necessary tools for turning your channel into a real blog with thousands of subscribers. Despite the fact that more than 55 million people open this app daily, you can’t except them to just join your channel. Only hard and consistent work will help you add Telegram members.
The majority of people doesn’t devote enough time to blogging, hoping for miracles or lucky chance. Well, you can wait forever. Or you can read this article and understand how to get Telegram subscribers. Mainly, we want to focus on most typical mistakes everyone makes. Learn from them now to become a better blogger.

Picking the niche you don’t like

Why is it bad? You won’t be able to write quality texts and publish interest content if you are not interested in the topic. Plus, you may quickly lose all the desire to find new information.
What to do? Don’t choose the niche because it’s popular or you think you can make a lot of money from it. Managing a Telegram channel is a challenging and time-consuming task. You have to be 100% sure that you love the topic, know a thing or two about the chosen niche, and can’t wait to share your knowledge with people.
We’ve already written about the best niches for Telegram, however, don’t stick to that list. If you have enough fire inside, you can learn how to get Telegram subscribers for any type of channel.

Very frequent publications

Why is it bad? The audience will quickly lose its interest. People also use Telegram as a messenger, so they don’t really want to see dozens of new notifications or unread messages when opening the app. Also, you might run out if ideas.
What to do? Limit yourself. Of course, if your niche is breaking news, you are free to publish as much posts as you want. For educational and entertaining channels, 2-3 posts per day is more than enough.
Managing Telegram channel is not like posting endless lifestyle Stories on Instagram. The quality of information you give is valued more than its quantity. So you’ll have enough time to prepare a truly helpful publication, and your followers won’t be irritated by frequent posting.
You can track the popularity of your publications by seeing how many viewed, reacted, and commented your post. You can boost the poor activity by buying Telegram channel views but make sure to never broadcast this type of content (since users don’t find it valuable or interesting).

Dispassionate narrative

Why is it bad? “Boring”, “like everyone else”, “I could have googled it” – these are the least flattering phrases a channel owner wants to be hear about himself.
What to do? Establish a connection and build trusted relationship with your subscribers through more personalized communication. What actual techniques can you adopt:
·       create a unique greeting for your audience
·       use slang words (if your niche allows)
·       add irony and humor
·       explain complicated things using simple language, for example, with memes
·       add your opinion – a great option for book or movie blogs
If you do everything right and find the right tone of your narrative, you won’t be trying to find how to get Telegram subscribers ever again.

Channel is not “ready”

Why is it bad? A potential member doesn’t understand why he landed on your channel. There’s no reasons for him to join it.
What to do? Before presenting your channel to big audience and starting to add Telegram members, choose a catchy name and avatar, write a description, pin a navigation menu, and publish several posts. Give users the reason to stay.
Beginners struggle with the channel promotion more than anyone else. You can make your blog look more interesting by ordering Telegram channel views and buying members. GlobalSMM offers all types of non-drop activities for Telegram: comments in several languages, reactions, post views. You can even buy Telegram votes!

Similar format of publications won’t add Telegram members

Why is it bad? Again, it’s boring. Your content and its presentation should be diverse to keep the audience interested and engaged. There are hundreds of ways to make your channel more appealing.
What to do? Don’t be afraid to experiment with formats: videos, short and long texts, images, multi-slide images with texts, voice messages or audio files, polls, quizzes, user-generated content, etc. always analyze what your current audience reacts to most by tracking Telegram channel views and other statistics.
At some point, you will find 4-6 formats that your subscribers approve of. Stick to them and keep looking for alternative options for non-working types of content. Adapt to the needs of your audience, and you’ll be generously rewarded by reactions, comments, and reposts.

No visual elements

Why is it bad? Images, videos, charts, GIFs, screenshots, and stickers are necessary for all social media. They can help you create your unique style and become recognizable among the dozens of similar channels. You won’t be able to add Telegram members if you post one text after another without visual elements.
What to do? A picture is worth a thousand words. The studies show that we remember only 20% of what we read and 80% of what we see. So, maybe it’s time to prioritize visual content?
If you’re still looking for your ideal visual style, check what works for your competitors. Analyze 10-15 popular channels from your niche and see what elements or topics trigger active discussion and numerous reactions.

Changing main topic without warning

Why is it bad? Well, it’s kinda rude. Imagine that your channel with fitness tips suddenly turns into cryptocurrencies blog. Yes, maybe, the area of your interests has changed but this not how you get Telegram subscribers.
What to do? If the fire for your topic slowly starts to fade, it’s better to honestly tell your audience about it. In advance. Some people will leave your channel but the most loyal will stay. Or you can publish a poll and ask if your channel members support such a transition. In this case, you may buy Telegram votes to help indecisive users make the “right” choice.
And finally, remember about mistake number 1 – if the chosen is boring even for you, there’s no chance to create outstanding content and add Telegram members.