7 ideas for Telegram channel posts

7 ideas for Telegram channel posts

How to make a Telegram channel with SMM followers successful: 7 ideas

People who decide to promote their channel on Telegram face multiple options with attracting new members. Mainly due to the fact that there’s quite poor search function in this social media. So as it happens to most blogs, new subscribers appear only after reposts and mentions of your channel in other chats and channels. Or if you buy SMM followers.
However, you didn’t create your blog for bots only, so apart from using a worldwide SMM panel for getting better activity and stats, you also need to work on your content and make it viral. Yes, just like with many other social media, the success depends mainly on the quality of your information. If it is creative, original and outstanding, you have a higher chance of getting thousands readers. In this article, we’ll share 7 ideas for your Telegram posts that may go viral.

Debunk most common myths in your niche

There are so many misconceptions and false information in every sphere of our lives that finding truly quality material may be frustrating. However, you don’t have to share only truthful information with your members. If you talk about nonsense from your niche, you are most likely to get attention thanks to this.
As a book reviewer or an expert in any niche, you can make an analysis of a book that is considered a bestseller, and you are sure that its content is rather useless. As a psychologist, you may talk about  rude and egoistic people and try to prove this is not so bad to sometimes behave this way. You probably know a lot better what kinds of beliefs and myths there are in your niche! Such a post may quickly go viral so make sure to buy Telegram members to prepare your channel for the coming of masses.

Make analysis of most frequent mistakes

A list of mistakes that newbies make in your niche is another great idea for a viral publication on Telegram. And the best part about this topic that everyone, even the most experienced people, make mistakes, so readers would love to get notified about the potential failures that are waiting for them.
There’s an abundance of topic here: mistakes that prevent people from selling, speaking with confidence, feeling better, eating healthier, changing their lives for better, finding enough time during the day for hobbies, etc. People love to read about mistakes and they may leave so many reactions and comments that you won’t even need to use a social SMM panel.

List of essentials / useful things

A well-known format for publications that works well for Telegram. It’s easy and quick to read, shareable, and some people will be even making screenshots for the future. The composition of such list can range from books, movies, and podcasts to useful articles, channels, websites.
Here are a few examples for random niches:
·       15 things to pack to your trip to (destination)
·       10 must-haves for summer at the seaside
·       12 apps to make your life easier
·       20 movies to make you cry
·       9 products to exclude to reduce belly fat in 2 weeks
If you start posting at least one list like this per week, you will notice many newcomers in your blog soon. And we recommend you to get ready for this kind of attention and buy enough SMM followers, post views, and reactions to convince them to stay.

Repost from your archive

From time to time, it would be good to remind your audience about your outstanding content from the past. So don’t hesitate to publish an old post again, especially if it was useful for your audience and got a lot of reactions. You can create a special hashtag for the publications like this — “archive”, “rereading classics” or “always relevant”. If the post somehow has lost its relevance, use SMM provider to get more views and reactions and show people that it’s still valuable and in demand.
Another great idea how you can make your old material work for you is a post-digest with the best publications of a month or quarter. If there are many publications on your channel but still low activity, it’s worth to buy Telegram members to make your blog look more impressive.

Don’t be afraid to talk about your failures

Share your most epic or recent fails and honestly tell people what had happened and why things didn’t work out for you: lost money, made the wrong choice, burned the food, or failed an exam. The larger the fail, the more the audience will be interested in the story. In the end, share what lessons you have learned and don’t forget to mention how to act so that the same thing does not happen to readers. However, even such a conclusion is not necessary. Somehow users adore sharing the stories of epic fails that happened to other people, and most importantly, bloggers. Probably, because their life seems cloudless and carefree. To add more drama and hype to your story, order post views and reactions from a worldwide SMM panel in advance, and they will be automatically added after you publish your story.

Tell a meaningful story

Here, you may share content that is not related to your niche. This is a great way to become closer to your audience and help them get to know you better. You can write about how you went on a trip or attended a concert. Or if you want more reposts and reactions, share your thoughts and opinions on a trendy event. Be careful because the feedback you get may be filled with negativity.
It’s better to stick to more or less neutral but still relevant topics for your audience. Tell a story of how you bought expensive white shoes but were afraid to wear them because of rain and sleet outside. It is good if there’s a conclusion related to the topic of your expertise. For example, here’s how I take care of my shoes so they always stay white. If your audience find the story non-relatable, go to the website of a cheap SMM provider and boost your publication with cheap reactions and post views.

Humor and memes

Humor is appropriate and even good for almost any niche. The only recommendation here is not to use this idea too frequently, otherwise your channel may turn into stand-up selection. Humorist publications and memes always attract attention and gather reactions, but sadly, it does not show your expertise.
If you work hard on the creation of a viral content, you will notice how new people start joining your channel. In combination with a reliable social SMM panel, you will quickly achieve your blogging goals and become an outstanding content creator.