7 golden rules of successful Telegram channel

7 golden rules of successful Telegram channel

How to grow Telegram channel with an SMM service panel: 7 rules

Telegram channel is a great alternative to Meta-based social media, like Instagram and YouTube, where algorithms and not the quality of content now play the main role in promotion. However, when you create a blog on Telegram, you quickly notice that everything is different here, and without SMM service panel, it’s impossible to attract real users.
You may work hard on your material and give actually valuable information but people won’t be subscribing to your channel, and here’s why. Channel owners make make mistakes when they think that people will magically find their blog. It doesn’t work like this. First thing to is to buy Telegram members, post views and reactions – when the channel seems to be full of activity, more people will be hitting the “join” button.
And of course, follow these 7 rules if you want to grow your audience and get more organic activity under your posts.

Work on every hook before posting

Channels and chats appear in the same feed, and a person sees only a tiny part at the beginning of publications. For chats, it’s first sentence. For channels – these are headlines. These first few words may or may not capture a user’s attention and they define the reach rate. If a person sees something shocking, gripping, intriguing, his brain will forget about everything else in the world and tell his master to go and immediately check what’s hiding behind this hook! Reread your title every time and ask yourself: do I want to know what is written there?
So, the first rule to grow a successful channel in Telegram is to make your headlines short, clear, and catchy. However, do fool people with click baits – all hooks must correspond to what is written in the post. Otherwise, users would feel deceived and you’ll only be able to grow with the help of an SMM panel for social media services.

Keep the needs and interests of your target audience in mind

Any channel is created for a certain group of people: movie lovers, cat owners, students of Spanish, etc. It doesn’t matter what you want to talk about: sports, knitting, psychology, or macroeconomics. For each topic, there are readers who are willing to spend time and get really valuable knowledge. When you start to deviate from your niche, even slightly, it may raise many eyebrows in bewilderment and people start asking themselves “why am I seeing this?”.
Some channel owners cannot maintain their expertise on Telegram, and they mix their professional with personal too much. Even with a strong base of channel members and SMM followers, you may notice less and less organic reactions to non-related publications. Of course, from time to time, it’s good to introduce new topics just to test the waters, but get ready to spike the activity with an SMM reseller panel if you experiment fails.

Don’t turn your blog into Google

Millions of adults and educated people know how to use Google when they need to get information. They follow the news and watch the bloggers, so they are aware of basics. What do they want from a Telegram channel they join?
·       Freshest updates on the chosen topic;
·       Expert opinion;
·       Analysis;
·       Forecasts;
·       Reviews.
If there is no more value from your channel than people get from the search engine, there will no reason for them to stay subscribed to your blog. When you provide quality info, users will be gladly joining your channel and recommend it to others, and you will only need to get more post views and reactions from a cheap SMM service panel to show newcomers how popular your blog is.

Forget about long-reads

Long narratives and epic descriptions consume too much of the precious time of your audience. Current trend on social media is to write short publications and be precise. Try to fit all the wisdom you can muster, tips, and thoughts into posts up to 1,000 characters. Normally, users have time for Telegram on their commute to work, and they wouldn’t want to miss their stop or the traffic light because of social media.
If your audience doesn’t shower you with reactions and comments, you can change the situation with a cheap and reliable SMM panel for social media services. Give real users time to get to know you and your channel better, and keep doing quality publications for them.

Don’t “overfeed” your audience with information

Even the high quality content may become boring and dull, especially if you keep feeding your audience with your information every day and many times a day. Many bloggers cannot define how many posts to publish per week to keep it interested. It depends on your niche, actually, and it’s quite normal for Telegram channels to have 2-3 quality posts per week. However, when talking about something that changes daily (news, economics, trading, etc), you should provide daily updates.
If you notice that subscribers react less and less to your posts, get more activity for your blog with an SMM reseller panel – GlobalSMM offers you to buy cheap reactions, comments, and even channels members to make your blog visually pleasant.

Post only niche-related jokes and memes

The content of the channel should always correspond to its title. Deviations may have negative impact on the users’ mood – and as you know, the price of a mistake on Telegram is higher than on any other social media. So when you decide to add jokes and memes to your channel to boost the mood of your audience, make sure they correspond to the niche.
In general, if you have good sense of humor, audience’s attitude towards your channel and your personality as a blogger will only improve when you begin posting jokes, However, if memes get less reactions than other types of posts, boost the engagement with the website for SMM followers and services.

Stay in touch your channel members

Working on the content is the biggest part of being a blogger but communication with your audience is what makes your relationship stronger. On your channel, you should do more than just posting material – be active in comments, create posts with FAQ, repost some of the users’ answers, etc. Silence always has a negative effect. People may get the impression that their opinions and questions do not matter. And if they neglected, why do they need such a channel at all?
Successful channel on Telegram is not only about quality and engaging content. It’s also communication with your audience and creation of viral content. And of course, channel will grow faster if buy Telegram members.