7 creative ideas for a Telegram channel

7 creative ideas for a Telegram channel

7 creative ways to get more Telegram members

With the amount of professional and business accounts, it’s crucial to stand out from the crowd. Easier said than done, though. If you don’t a creative streak in you, it may be hard to get more Telegram members. Luckily for you, there are numerous helpful guides like this one.
Today, we are going to give you 7 examples of how you can diversify your content on Telegram and make your channel more interesting to people. Of course, it requires a some work and preparation but who said that social media promotion should be as simple as ABC?

Why is it important to stand out on social media?

You obviously know the answer. The Internet is full of information. And it’s not about finding the right one. It’s about finding the right person to give you this information. Unusual or even unique way of sharing content on your Telegram channel can attract more followers than you imagine.
When people open your channel, the first thing they pay attention to is the number of current members and the popularity of your publications (how many users viewed the post, if there’s a huge discussion in comments, etc). When you don’t have big numbers to boast, use a cheap Telegram panel for boosting activity. But don’t forget about real work if you don’t feel like broadcasting your content for bots only.

7 creative ways to improve your channel and get more Telegram members

When it comes to make your channel different from your competitors’ it’s important to do a little research in advance. Check what popular bloggers in your niche post and how audience react. What topics and publications are the most discussed and gather insane amount of reactions? How does your rival style his blog? What techniques you could adopt?
Telegram promotion services can help you improve the stats under least popular publication. This should be a preparation step before you begin filling your blog with valuable content. Buy channel members, upgrade the stats under your old posts, and add more comments.
Then, it’s time to work. Below, we have gathered 7 creative ideas for your channel, which hasn’t become cliché yet. Hurry up to implement them before everyone else does!

Use stickers instead of images

Stickers are the best and the most unique feature of the app. Telegram has a large library of stickers and gives users a possibility to upload their own sticker packs. Did you know that you can post them in your channel instead of boring rectangular images? Stickers look especially effective when the background is erased and the image is animated.
With this feature, you’ll be able to stand out from thousands of similar channels and get more Telegram members in no time. Plus, it will make your channel more elegant.

Diversify your content with voice messages

Although there’s a trend to hate voice messages when chatting with friends, they can be a great addition to your blog. First of all, they will connect you with the audience. Second, some people open Telegram channels on their way to work or school – so they can listen to the audio in the car, bus, or subway.
What are some ideas for using voice messages in your blog?
1.     To back up your text content. Short version of your posts is written and more emotional and detailed explanation is given in the audio.
2.     To get closer to users and create a special bond. Listening to a voice message is like hearing a friend.
3.     To arouse interest of your audience. Despite the universal hatred, everyone is eager to know what’s hidden in this audio file.

Get to know your audience via polls and quizzes

This is one of the best ways to get feedback, entertain your channel members, and improve statistics of your publications. For example, you can ask the audience what type of content they want to see next in your feed. Or you can warm them up before a new topic by creating a quiz. Or ask their opinion about something related to your niche – how many books you've read in the past month, etc.
Noticed that your polls and quizzes aren’t that popular as you want them to be? Use a Telegram panel to add votes! GlobalSMM has long introduced this service and thousands of our clients already use it.

Write text on your images

You can attach 10 images to every post on Telegram but they don’t have to be just photos. Add short phrases right on your pictures so users can read them. On Instagram, they are called carousel cards – when you slide one card after another and get information in a more entertaining way.
This idea is cool for storytelling, check-lists, instructions, guides, comics, or selections of movies, books, etc. It gives you 2 important advantages: users will watch everything until the end and be less bored compared to plain text.

Post memes to get more recognition

Jokes and humor are the most reposted type of content on every social media. Think of it: when you see a really good joke you instantly want to send it to your friends, right? So, why not just add these jokes to your channel so your audience can generously share them with their friends? Such a great option for free getting free advertisement!
Apart from peaking stats, you may get more Telegram members. Since people can see the source of the shared message, they may come and check your channel.

Helpful posts with embedded links

Another type of content that is viewed and reposted by users. First of all, such publications are valuable for your channel members. Second, it works for every single niche! Are you an online store? Give links to your goods! Is your blog about crypto? Give links to the credible articles about the best coins to buy.
The only downside is that you may wait long enough for people to appreciate the value of your publication. However, you can always buy Telegram post views to show users that the publication is worth their attention. Boosting your own post harms no one but allows more people to see your content.

Weekly chats: let your Telegram members speak

Weekly chats can become some sort of tradition. The concept is quite simple: you ask audience any question and let them share their opinions, images, links, or videos in the comments. Engaging your followers and stimulating a conversation is a crucial moment because once they are involved in the life of your channel and become a part of community of other users, they won’t be able to leave.
Now you know how to upgrade your blog and make it more interesting for a bunch of strangers. Keep in mind that these techniques don’t guarantee 100% success. Sometimes, even the most loyal audience can get tired. In this case, use Telegram promotion services to boost activity and maintain high stats of your channel.