6 methods to get more Telegram members

6 methods to get more Telegram members

What can help increase Telegram channel members? Review of the most popular methods of promotion

With the growing number of personal blogs and businesses, it seems to be impossible to get recognition on social networks. How to become more popular than the others? How to find your audience and keep them interested?
Many people turn to Telegram – the messenger that can also perform the functions of a full-pledged social network. However, there are also obstacles to overcome there. For example, how to increase Telegram channel members if the app doesn’t offer any tools for promotion like YouTube or Instagram? The best thing you can do is to find a profitable theme for your channel.
Haven’t chosen your niche yet? Check our selection of top ideas for a Telegram channel. And when your channel is created, think about quality promotion techniques.
The most popular ways to get more subscribers are:
1.     Register your channel in a catalog;
2.     Use a cheap Telegram panel;
3.     Do a mutual PR (advertise another channel for free);
4.     Inviting;
5.     Buy an ad in another channel;
6.     Leave links to your TG channel in all other social networks.
It goes without saying that each of these options will bring different result. Let’s find out which methods you can use for promotion and which of them are not worth your time.

Register the channel in Telegram channels catalog

Every article about promotion will tell you – if you need to get subscribers on Telegram, just start adding your channel to all catalogs. Since there’s no algorithms that will show your posts to non-followers, it may be harder to attract their attention.
Catalog is a website that group the channels according to their themes, rating, and number of followers. The audience will see the main info about the channel and can join any of them by clicking on its username.
What are the cons?
Such an option doesn’t guarantee you stable growth. Moreover, the number of new subscribers will be quite low. However, we recommend adding your TG channel to 2-3 catalogs – just for the sake of being mentioned there.

Boosting activity with a cheap Telegram panel

This the first thing that comes to mind, right? All the problems with promotion can be solved if you just buy Telegram members. And it’s an actually great idea – no matter how big or new your channel is.
You can order services from a cheap Telegram panel and get followers from different countries, post views, reactions to your publication, random comments, and even votes for your polls. GlobalSMM offers you multi-faceted approach to promotion – our services improve your statistics and make your channel attractive for potential subscribers.
What are the cons?
Real work and original content are still required. Use an SMM panel as the additional tool for your promotion.

Mutual PR

At any stage of your blogging career, you can get subscribers on Telegram by doing mutual PR. It’s a free way to advertise your channel. How does it work? You find a similar channel (the same niche and number of members) and get an arrangement with its owner for doing mutual advertising. As a result, some of his audience visits your channel and vice versa.
What are the cons?
It may be impossible for beginners – no one wants to advertise empty channels with 30 followers. To become more attractive for potential partners in PR, buy Telegram members and other metrics.
Also, you waste plenty of time doing research, chatting, and discussing the details of your ads. Sometimes, the result is not worth the effort.

Inviting as a risky way to increase Telegram channel members

This is not the most honest way to get the audience. As a channel owner, you can add people from your contacts to your group manually. It won’t bring you as many users as a cheap Telegram panel and other methods of promotion but some of your friends and colleagues may find your work useful and valuable.
What are the cons?
Annoyed users can hit “Report” button and you’ll be blocked or banned by the messenger. A more healthier approach is to send people a link (name of your channel) with a short invitation via messages. Those who are genuinely interested in supporting you, will gladly join your group.

Paid promotion in other channels

It works the same as mutual PR but with one difference: you pay to another person for publication about your channel in their group. Despite the high price and low guarantee, it’s still one of the most popular ways to increase Telegram channel members.
What are the cons?
It’s more expensive than SMM panel services. There’s no guarantee – for example, the ad may be poorly made or published for a limited time. Depending on the size of the channel, the price for each new member may be quite high.

Links to your channel in other social networks

This method will work if your Instagram, YouTube, Twitter, and other social networks are popular. Constantly remind people to check your new project and encourage them to subscribe.
One of the main tricks is to offer your audience unique content that they won’t find anywhere else. It can be additional information, discounts, or content that is too sensitive to share on other platforms. Reminders and the feeling of missing important info will drive your followers to your Telegram channel. As a result, you get subscribers on Telegram.
What are the cons?
People can be annoyed if you begin to mention your Telegram channel every now and then. After all, no one wants to see repetitive content and self-promotion.
People who begin from the scratch and don’t have big audience will find this approach pretty useless. However, they can always buy Telegram members to boost their poor statistics.
No matter how big your channel is, remember to use a cheap Telegram panel. GlobalSMM can help you with improving main statistics – get new members, post views, reactions, and votes. However, without actual work and unique content, you won’t be able to increase Telegram channel members and attract real users. SMM panels should be your helping hand but the primary focus should always be on the information and its value.