6 examples of engaging Stories to get more followers

6 examples of engaging Stories to get more followers

Get more followers on Instagram with these engaging Stories: 6 ideas

The ideal day of any blogger looks like this: you drop a few Stories and get a huge feedback from your audience – reactions, comments, and messages. But it’s not some kind of a fairy tale scenario. If your content is engaging enough, you don’t have to publish something every day to get more followers on Instagram. The algorithms will be promoting the content that users interact with. So, your main task is not make more Stories but to think about their quality.
It’s hard to predict the reaction of followers, that’s why you need to constantly analyze what topics and types of content people mostly react to. It will be also good to buy SMM services because you won’t engage anyone if your profile has 300 followers and 2 comments under every post. Success on social media is still measured by numbers, and with GlobalSMM, you can increase them at a cheap price.
And of course, test the following examples of engaging Stories and see what works for your blog. Maybe, while you read them, you’ll get your own ideas!

#1. Guess games

This engagement trick will always be on top! Although the general examples, like guess the price or guess where I’m going are relevant and work for every blog, you can also adapt the game to your niche. One of the most simple examples of the guess game is to hide/blur the object on the photo and ask your audience to name it. You can also set a prize for the first correct answer to motivate your subscribers participate in this activity.
The guess game is a great way to entertain the audience, and the more followers you have, the most interesting it will be. Of course, it’s hard to promote your blog at the beginning but you can buy SMM Instagram followers to make your profile more alluring.

#2. Unusual and interesting situations and news

Did you see something hilarious or interesting on the Internet? A relevant meme or a wise quote? Don’t hesitate to share it with your audience. It will be even better if you also ask subscribers what they think about all this. Use one of the multiple interactive tools that Instagram offers – questions, polls, stickers with emojis, etc.
Ideally, these situations and events should correlate with the niche of your blog, otherwise, your target audience (not friends) won’t be interested. However, low engagement is not a problem with a cheap SMM provider – get Stories views with GlobalSMM and keep learning how to engage people with other examples.

#3. Polls with contradictory options

Polls are the best way to become closer to your followers and entertain them. People like to click on buttons and see how many other users agree with them. Your content will be even more interesting if you offer not simple options like “paper book vs electronic book” but something that will make your subscribers pause for a few seconds and maybe even come to your Story to reread the options.
The trick with two evils can help you achieve the best results. Let’s take the book blog as an example. So, instead of simple questions, you can ask people to choose between “a year without books vs reading the same book again and again the whole year”. See, this looks more interesting and people will be wrecking their brains trying to choose which option is more acceptable. If you use this technique, you won’t only increase your statistics but will be able to get more followers on Instagram. Algorithms will promote your Stories because people interact with them.

#4. Ask people to help you choose

Stories where you ask for help are always engaging. And the best part is that it works with anything – choose the outfit for the event, the color of new sneakers, the movie to watch, etc. You can even turn it into a game and follow your audience’s recommendations for the whole day: they choose what you eat for breakfast, whether you work from home or cafe, what you wear, etc. Believe us, people will be happy to play almighty gods and control someone’s life just for a day.
Such a technique can boost your statistics but sadly, you can’t use it often. Another negative aspect of this trick is that your engagement will drop on the next day – you and subscribers will need the rest after an active day online. In this case, you can take a break from Instagram or buy SMM services to improve the sinking reach and engagement.

#5. Get more followers on Instagram with relevant Yes/No polls

Another simple technique that will boost the activity in your blog. Here are a few examples of relevant Yes/No polls:
·       Watching “Home Alone” or “Love Actually” on Christmas?
·       St Valentine – celebrate or not?
·       The World Cup winner will be – France or Argentina? Will DiCaprio get an Oscar? Of course, publish such things before the start of the event.
·       “Avatar 2” – already seen or not?
·       Traveling with kids – blessing or a nightmare?
As you can see, there are multiple ways to connect with your audience without gathering much information. And the best part is that people really like to participate in these kinds of polls. Everyone feels like sharing his opinion about the most discussed events and situations in the world, even if it’s an unpopular opinion. So don’t hesitate to go with the flow and publish your own Yes/No poll. It will boost the activity and your profile will be visible to a wider audience. Hopefully, you already knows how to prepare your account for new visitors with a cheap SMM provider.

#6. Emoji slider sticker

One of the easiest ways to get engagement on Instagram, however, don’t use it too often. People will get tired if you constantly ask them to pull the slider and just stop paying attention to it. The same goes for sticker with emoji. Don’t overuse these two tools and by no means “exchange” your future content for the certain amount of clicks. This is a cheap trick that only enrages and repulse the audience.
Overall, you can implement these techniques one by one within a week and see what works better for your blog. And don’t forget about quality and educational content, people don’t open Instagram to pull sliders and click on emojis only. If you combine these Stories ideas with buying SMM Instagram followers, you will notice that real users start subscribing to your blog in no time.