5 Steps to get more Telegram members

5 Steps to get more Telegram members

5 steps how to create a popular channel and get more Telegram members

Growing a blog is a demanding task, especially when it comes to Telegram. Since there are no tools that would promote your content and show it to your non-followers, you may wonder how to get more Telegram members in this case? Well, Telegram is one of the most complicated social media for bloggers but if you know exactly what steps you should take, you may see rapid improvement in the number of your subscribers.
Our recommendations will be useful for both beginners and experienced bloggers. Sometimes, even popular content-makers forget about these simple things, and as a result, they get messages like “your channel was way better before, I quit”. So, if you don’t want to waste your time and lose subscribers, take out your pencils and make some notes on how to improve your blog right now.

Be honest and open-minded

One of the most important thing you can offer your audience (and that works for any social media, not only Telegram) is to be honest and open with people. Even if you’re showing your expertise via your channel – for example, offering investing tips or sharing your fitness routine – you should always show your emotions, feelings, opinions, and position about everything you publish.
Being emotionally raw with your subscribers is one of the winning tactics for any blogger, especially when something doesn’t go smooth or well. Don’t try to look perfect in hope to please everyone and be liked by each of your followers – you will never achieve this goal. Don’t be afraid to show your dark sides. You may perfectly wrap your negative emotions and add them to your content. Is that upcoming movie makes you cringe? Do you hate how people lose tons of money because of their investing mistakes? Show all these, and you will notice a rapid Telegram followers increase.

Explain everything what’s going on

When a new user opens your channel, he doesn’t know you. It may be difficult to understand what’s going on in your blog and what value can this person can by clicking the “subscribe” button. That’s why frequently do remarks “for those who missed”, “if you don’t know”, etc. Try to cover the following aspects:
·       What’s currently going on on your channel?
·       What are your goals as a blogger?
·       What’s your expertise?
·       What current and relevant topic and events you cover at the moment?
Your main task here is to make people feel like “at home” since they first second they open your channel – and if everything is so clear and convenient, no one would want to leave. You may even buy Telegram members to make a better impression on newcomers or boost the activity with cheap services from GlobalSMM – get more comments and reactions, buy Telegram post views, and other cheap options. It won’t cost much but will take the first impression from your blog to a brand-new level.

Interaction with the audience will help you get more Telegram members

Interaction is the key to success. If you’re not a popular blogger, many users will be glad to receive the answer or see the reaction to their comment or message. Nothing can draw away people more than an ignorant blogger who doesn’t even participate in the life of his own channel. A good blog is always full of interaction: blogger with users, and users with other users.
One of the disadvantages of Telegram is that there’s no DM, and the only way to interact on Telegram is via comments. It means that everything people write to you will be visible to all other users. So, it takes more courage to leave a comment on Telegram than to send a message on Instagram, for example. You can stimulate the conversation by showing your subscribers that they can always expect your answer. And if they are still afraid to write anything, get more comments from a reliable SMM provider.

Add more visuals to your channel

One of the distinguishing features of Telegram is the absence of visuals. A blog on Instagram implies photos and videos, YouTube – is a collection of videos, and Telegram has become the home of so-called “reading audience”. And although the main part of content should still be devoted for texts, you can get more Telegram members by adding visuals to your blog.
Here are a few simple ways to do it:
1.     Video messages;
2.     Photos (including memes);
3.     Links to YouTube videos;
4.     Stickers.
Such things will make your content more diverse and interesting because it may be incredibly complicated to create the emotional connection with your audience via texts only. You may even notice that graphic content gets more reactions and views than other types of publications. In this case, you know where to buy Telegram post views to balance this difference between popular and unpopular posts.

Show your personal development

Although this rule is mentioned in the very end, it may probably be one of the most valuable recommendations we can give you. In general, to make your blog interesting, you have to be interesting yourself – as an expert and as a person. If you like what you do, have clear goals and the vision how to achieve them, your blog will be attracting more people and you notice steady Telegram followers increase.
There are so many similar blogs, and it’s definitely not the information that makes people be loyal to certain bloggers. Just as raw and emotional publications are appreciated more than dry narrative, the same goes for the person behind the blog: if people look up to you, they aren’t going anywhere.
You may see it yourself that a person that inspires you and brings more emotions into your life is most likely the one you don’t want to unfollow. You open their blog and even check their page from time to time to see if there are any updates. Well, this kind of hooking you need to create for your own channel. If you constantly work on making your content better and buy Telegram members plus other SMM services to support you on the way to success, you will be able to grow despite all bad prognosis and complications.