5 rules to improve your Instagram

5 rules to improve your Instagram

5 rules to improve your blog and increase followers on Instagram

Like many other bloggers, you probably wake up with one thought only – how do I make my blog on Instagram more popular and attract new audience? With the global drop of engagement, it becomes harder to make people interested in your content, let alone increase followers on Instagram. However, if you know a few secrets, you may be able to change bad dynamics and improve activity.
In this article, we will share 5 main rules you have to stick to if you want to grow on Instagram. There’s nothing complicated, actually, but you will have to change some things about your blog. Try them, and you will notice the improvement in a couple of weeks!

Stimulate activity by using engaging techniques

Since Instagram counts every interaction of every user with your content (views, likes, comments, and even when they hold your Stories to read text or see the photo better), your primary goal is to make people react. We’ve already shared multiple engagement tricks in our previous articles, and here, we will just mention that without these stickers, quizzes, polls, questions, and sliding emojis, your blog will be growing very very slowly.
You can only find Instagram likes for sale from a reliable provider and improve the visible statistics of your Reels and publications. It won’t bring you new followers, but it can help them see that your content is valuable. After all, many people make a decision whether to follow an account or not by looking at such things as the number of subscribers and likes.

Focus on the quality of content

While it may seem like a banal recommendation, many people don’t even think about the quality of their photos, Stories, and Reels. It’s always better to post less information but to make sure that it will valuable, unique and interesting. This is how you will be able to turn subscribers into a loyal audience who will be waiting for new publications and Stories – because they are meaningful and beautiful. If the content is mediocre, people eventually lose interest and stop watching it, which is very bad for your reach and engagement. When users (including your followers) neglect your Stories and don’t engage with your posts, algorithms begin to range them lower than before.
Of course, you can’t please everyone, and there always be passive subscribers. You can use a cheap SMM provider to improve the situation but the main tendency remain: it’s the quality publications and Stories that make the difference and attract people in the first place, not the numbers.

Speak about relevant topics and events to increase followers on Instagram

Try to always be the first to post new information and cover the relevant topics and events. Such publication and Stories get more reactions, which means, your reach will be better as well. Algorithms will detect that the post is being viewed or liked many time by numerous users and start showing it to other people, who aren’t following you yet.
Again, you can spy a bit on your competitors and try to copy their technique. There’s nothing shameful in getting inspired by successful blogs. After all, your own Instagram may become a source of inspiration one day, and people will be copying your style. It goes without saying that if you want to stand out from your rivals, you need to use a panel for Instagram followers and get more subscribers, comments, likes, and other activity for your blog.

Write your own posts (never copypaste text)

Writing an interesting post or creating an engaging storytelling on Stories is never easy. But if you don’t add a touch of personality to your information, you won’t be able to increase followers on Instagram. Unique content gathers more reactions, and your thoughts and opinions about some topic, event, or problem can be truly valuable. A blogger without his personal opinion is a boring blogger, and people won’t likely stay with him for a long time.
Another important moment here: be sure to constantly check and verify the information you’re posting. If you get caught lying or providing false info, you may experience mass unfollowing and even a wave of unpleasant comments and messages. Plus, as an expert in some niche, you should know your stuff, right?

Find what type of content brings you more activity

You may be surprised to see how many valuable insights a simple weekly analysis can provide. If you notice that your audience especially reacts to certain topic or type of content, don’t hesitate to upload more stuff like that. Another great way to get more likes and views is to order them on the website of a cheap SMM provider, like GlobalSMM.
So, what to do with the posts and topic that your audience didn’t react to? Well, you can try again – maybe there was a glitch in the system, and you didn’t get enough activity because of it. However, if your second attempt to promote a seemingly unsuccessful topic fails, you know where to find Instagram likes for sale to change the sad statistics.

Bonus: more ideas for your blog to get people engaged

Here are a few ideas that you can use for your blog. These posts will attract attention of new users and tell them more about what they may expect if they follow you.
1.     Welcome post where you share main things your followers needs to know about your blog or maybe even you as a person. Social media is always about the person, not the niche. Make sure that you have a good balance of personal and professional in your feed and Stories.
2.     Navigation post where you share your unique hashtags and let people easily find previous publication and information.
3.     Updates and current changes that are happening with your blog at the moment. This is the post where you show dynamics of your blog and how it improves to provide people the best possible content.
Now, you have many tips and techniques to make your blog better, and if you start using them plus buy more activity from a panel for Instagram followers, you will notice major improvements on your Instagram.