4 ways to get subscribers for Telegram channel

4 ways to get subscribers for Telegram channel

How do I get subscribers for Telegram channel without fuss? 4 prove tactics

Telegram channel is one of the best ways to stay in touch with a loyal audience. Many bloggers prefer to “move” from unstable and profit-oriented Instagram and try their hand at this messenger. Some popular channels already have thousands of people following them. But you reach this height and get subscribers for Telegram channel? Or is it too late?
Promoting your brand on Telegram is not like posting videos on YouTube or Reels on Instagram. There’s no algorithm that will show your publications to other people. Users subscribe to the public channels they find interesting and get notifications as if they receive a message in the group chat. So traditional ways of getting attention (hashtags or sponsored posts) simply don’t work.
Here are the best 4 ways to grow on Telegram! Make sure to combine all of them and post regularly to see the results of your hard work.


One of the easiest ways to get more Telegram members is to be recommended. When your posts are being shared between Telegram users, more and more people will come to check your channel. Cross-promotion (or mutual PR) is when 2 channels advertise each other for free and basically “exchange” their audiences.
·       there’s no guarantee of getting new members;
·       your channel should have at least 5k members to look “attracting” for potential subscribers;
·       it may be hard to find a similar channel for mutual PR.
If your channel is still new, ask friends to share your publications with their friends and colleagues. Word-of-mouth has always been a great promoting tool! However, if you need to hit a big number of subscribers, proceed to our next tip.

Buy Telegram members from a reliable provider

Once you create the channel and invite a handful of friends to join you, the burden of expanding your unknown blog will fall on your shoulders. Let’s suppose you’ve reached around 100 members (mostly, the people you know). How do grow further?
With the help of a Telegram panel, of course! It’s the only way to break the glass ceiling on your road to success. GlobalSMM can help you to make it happen. We offer a comprehensive approach to promotion and affordable services.
Check our SMM services for Telegram:
·       non-drop group/channel members
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We constantly update our services to make sure every user gets everything he needs for growing on Telegram. Our cheap SMM panel can be your reliable partner and helping hand. Seeing the activity in your channel, real users would join your channel more gladly.
By the way, check What niche can help get subscribers on Telegram in 2022. It may help you make the right decision about the theme of your blog.

Promotion on social media

Thanks to the countless number of social media networks that people use every day, you can easily promote your Telegram channel for free. Start sharing links and your channel name on Quora, Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, TikTok, etc.
Don’t forget about your own social media accounts. Maybe some of your Instagram followers don’t know that you have a great channel to join! This method will surely help you get subscribers for Telegram channel, although their number can be surprisingly small.
·       such kind of promotion requires a lot of free time;
·       your comment may get lost in the thousands of other comments;
·       there’s absolutely no guarantee (you may end up wasting your time).

Use other Telegram groups

Drawing new subscribers from the outside can be tough but most people will eagerly check your channel while they are on Telegram. One of the most wonderful ways for promotion is to find where the target audience is based and lure it by leaving comments (not links or ads!) on other channels.
How will it help get more Telegram members? Your task here is to find a very popular channel in the same niche as yours. You join it and start leaving expert comments in discussions in hope that people will get interested and check your blog.
Again, your messages should NOT look like spam or undermine the expertise of another channel’s author (you can get banned for that). Be polite, communicate with other members, and try to look like an expert.
·       it requires a lot of time and devotion;
·       there’s absolutely no guarantee;
·       you can be suspected of “stealing” the followers and be banned.
These were 4 proven ways to get more members for your Telegram channel. If combining them all with quality content, the result will be astonishing. However, there are some methods of promotion that aren’t worth your time.

What cannot help you get subscribers for Telegram channel?

In this part of the article, we will share some bad marketing moves that can lead to a waste of time and have zero efficacy.
Here are some big Nos of Telegram promotion:
1.     Manually adding users from your contact list. Because it’s rude to force a person to join your channel if he doesn’t want it. Instead, send each of them a link and politely invite them to check your creation.
2.     Buying paid promotions from other channels. You never know the outcome of such an ad. What if the channel owner used a Telegram panel to get more reactions and subscribers?
3.     Don’t waste your time adding your channel to catalogs. Focus on reaching the target audience INSIDE the messenger – by using the tips we’ve given above in the previous parts.

Final thoughts on getting more members on Telegram

As an admin of a channel, you always have to know which methods can attract a new audience and which make you stuck. Cast away everything that isn’t useful or working anymore and always look for ways to bring value to your subscribers.
The path to get more Telegram members is not an easy one, you can’t just buy Telegram members and expect your channel to magically grow. Stay one step ahead of your competitors and work daily on making your content better.