4 questions about Telegram premium services

4 questions about Telegram premium services

4 questions about Telegram premium SMM services everyone’s asking

Channel promotion is one of the most problematic challenges you need to face when starting a blog on Telegram. The messenger is a convenient place for most types of blogs (text, photos, or videos), but without the presence of premium members, you can forget about making your creation popular and successful.
On the website of Global-SMM, you can buy high-quality, affordable and active subscribers. Channel promotion is an affordable service and we made sure that everyone can bye premium Telegram members without going broke. Our team will do all the work for you: all you need to do is register on our platform, add money to the balance, and select the desired service and its quantity.
We recommend ordering premium subscribers right now and also get Boosts and reaction to increase your chances for attracting real followers. We know that many people have plenty of questions about SMM promotion, and in this article, we are going to share in detail that buying subscribers is simple and effective!

Where to buy Telegram premium members for search optimization?

On the website of our panel provider, you can buy high-quality and affordable channel members with a paid membership on Telegram. This will make your promotion path easier and rather enjoyable. We’ve designed many options for our clients – it’s possible to get non-drop followers for 7 days, 1 months, 6 months, or other convenient period of time. All this time, you will be able to enjoy the increased visibility and have a real chance to increase the audience.
We offer than just followers for your blog. You can also buy other numerous Telegram premium cheap services: views for publications (including auto-views for all future material you’re going to publish), reactions, comments, votes for your polls where you can choose the answer, and of course, famous Boosts that allow channel owners to publish Stories on their blogs.

How do premium members from a cheap SMM panel promote a blog?

Fake activity provides the maximum effect for your channel’s visibility. This includes the growth of followers, the boost of the channel in search results, and the impression of the quality of the information provided. Let’s look at all the advantages of buying premium members:
·         Blog credibility is increasing. A lot of subscribers make the channel more trusted. People tend to be confident about the pages that have already been trusted by a large number of users. When you buy followers and other SMM services, it leads to an increase interest of real messenger users in what you do and in your content.
·         Top position in search results. Promoting a channel from scratch takes a lot of time and effort. Buying subscribers with a paid membership is a quick way to make your channel visible to millions of Telegram users – the number of premium followers influence the blog’s position in search.
·         Increase of the head count. Reaching bigger number of users and increasing awareness will attract new people. And the more subscribers you have, the more popular your channel seems to be.

When should I start buying Telegram premium members?

To achieve the maximum effect, the channel must be competently and fully prepared before using SMM provider panel. The preparation includes several stages:
·         Work with an account (channel)
It is important to pay attention to all the nuances. For starters, choosing a suitable avatar. The image should reflect the theme of the channel and its content. Avoid images with many details or small text – it will not look pretty in mini version. Do not forget about the name (title) of the blog. The channel’s name should reflect its essence and be memorable and not too long. Description is another moment to pay attention to: the text should be short and catchy, there should be a division into paragraphs.
·         Work with content
To create good, high-quality content that attracts ordinary and Telegram premium members on the long run, you need a plan. It usually includes a short draft of idea you want to share in the next 2-3 weeks/month. The plan should include the topics that you’ll write about and the frequency of the publications’ release. Remember that the content must be relevant, interesting, and valuable to the audience. You can choose any type of content you want to upload (text, images, videos, audios) or even combine them.
Now, when these preparatory steps are done, you are ready to go big! Go to Global-SMM and bye premium Telegram members to promote your channel.

How to add a Story on Telegram channel?

If your content is really interesting to the audience, Stories will attract even more users. After all, the short life span of Stories encourages users to visit the page more often so as not to miss something important and interesting. A lot of views in Stories also automatically raise the channel to the top, so your Story gets recommended to more of the messenger’s users, which allows you to show your content to a huge number of people.
Boosting is the only way to unlock the Stories feature on Telegram. You have to collect a certain number of votes from followers with a premium subscription if you want to publish this type of content. 0.1% votes from the total number of your followers will allow you to publish 1 Story per day, 0.2% of votes will take to a new level with 2 Stories per day, etc. And you can buy them from Telegram premium cheap provider.
It may be tricky to gather all these Boosts organically because users can change their mind and take their vote away. Also, once the vote is cast, it lasts only 24 hours. As you see, you need a help of  Telegram premium panel in order to publish Stories consistently.