12 ideas for a Telegram channel

12 ideas for a Telegram channel

12 ideas for your channel that will add Telegram members in 2023

Telegram has all possibilities to create a successful personal blog, improve the brand image of your company, and just attract loyal audience. However, the most complicated issue is a channel promotion. Since there are no sponsored posts and built-in ads like on other social media, it might be a bit tricky to add Telegram members.
However, don’t these minor complications cloud your mind – follow our recommendations and you will grow a truly popular channel. Below, we’ve gathered 12 ideas by experienced channel owners.

1. Attract attention right from the start

Telegram is not the place to be boring, predictable, or banal. From the channel name to the composition of your posts, you need to stand out from hundreds of similar blogs. For example, pun is the best idea for a channel name. It should be easily to memorize and explain to users what your channel is about before they open it.
In bio, you have an opportunity to introduce yourself and your channel to all newcomers. Don’t waste it. Briefly describe what value you give your audience and why you’re better than any other blog in this niche.

2. Say no to long publications

Although Telegram users love to read texts more than watch videos, oversize narrative can be boring and tiresome. People don’t dedicate special time to reading all blogs – they dive into the app when they have breaks from work, chatting with friends, waiting in line, etc.
When composing a post, pay special attention to the first sentence. It should be a bit provocative and captivating so your subscriber would immediately want to open and read the rest of it. Once you learn to add strong hooks to your publications, you’ll increase the number of Telegram channel views.

3. Forget about giveaways and attracting non-interested followers

Cheap tricks, like giveaways and contest with prizes, won’t help you add Telegram members to your channel. They usually attract the lovers of freebies and not your target audience. As a result of such events, you’ll end with people massively unfollowing you at the end of the contest. Don’t waste your time and effort on such things.

4. Offer your audience unique content

People don’t join Telegram channels to read the copypasted information from websites and other social media. Behind every channel, there’s a personality with his own “voice”, manner of speech, sense of humor, and opinion. Users value channels before of these unique features.
If you want to know how to boost Telegram subscribers, here’s the best recipe for it: develop your own technique of storytelling, and people will be subscribing just because of it.

5. Choose quality over quantity. Always

We’ve been talking about this since the dawn of time but low-quality content keeps popping up in Telegram channels likes mushrooms after the rain. Before you hit the “publish” button, refine every word and phrase in your post, check if the links you provide are not broken, and photo you’re uploading are of good size.
Such things are not small, and Telegram channel views depend on the quality of your content. People prefer to see less posts but of better quality and value. Moreover, truly useful publications can be sent to friends and colleagues.

6. Don’t use tricks that work for other social media

Many bloggers “migrated” to Telegram from other social media and brought their habits to the new platform. This is wrong. Telegram is not suitable for every content, lifestyle posts with no sense, pages from diary, and photos in the moment.
It’s quite normal to make mistakes in managing when you’re a beginner. You’re lucky to have enough credible sources to learn from. Check our article about 7 most frequent mistakes that bloggers make so that you can avoid them.

7. Add polls to gather information

Internal tools of the messenger can help you create an engaging post in seconds: for example, a poll or quiz. This type of content is suitable for any type of channel and the audience is mostly likely to participate in this quick questionnaire. Polls themselves won’t add Telegram members but they show the rate of interest in what you do. Plus, with the help of cheap SMM services for Telegram, it’s easy to buy votes and improve the activity of your channel.

8. Offer a bonus for joining your channel (lead magnet)

Offer all newcomers a gift in exchange for their subscription. Any digital-product that a potential channel member can find useful will do: a list of the best books/movies, crypto market forecast for the next month, promocode, etc. Of course, don’t invite people to an unprepared channel. Add 10-15 posts, create a memorable bio, and buy Telegram views and members. People will be more interested in supporting an already popular blog.

9. Benefit from all types of content

The messenger offers channel owners incredible diversity and freedom of fantasy when it comes to managing a blog. You can post texts, share videos and photos, record audio and video messages, leave external links, add stickers, polls, and quizzes to your feed. Such s diverse approach create the vibe of chatting with friend, rather than scrolling through a blog. Thus, Telegram brings you and your audience closer.
Amicable atmosphere is the key secret of how to grow Telegram channel fast. The only rule you have to follow here: all content should be quality. So no non-rehearsed voice messages in the moment or when you’re in a hurry. Users will still look at you through the prism of your professionalism.

10. Choose the right time for publishing a new post

Unlike many social media that nudge you to be the first in everything, when working on Telegram, it’s better to wait. Since the latest notifications will appear on the top of the feed, you don’t want to be buried by other blog, groups, and chats. Statistically, users open the first chat – the one that appears on the top.
Sometimes it happens that even the most interesting post published in the perfect time gets quite unsatisfactory activity. You can always improve the situation if you buy Telegram views, reactions, and comments for your posts.

11. User-generated content will add Telegram members

One of the best ideas of how to boost Telegram subscribers and spike their interest is to share their content. It’s in human nature to enjoy this moment of fame, so you can give it to them and boost your activity at the same time. Again, this type of content is suitable for all niches: ask users to leave a review, post their opinion about something, share their photos, etc.

12. Create a navigation with the help of hashtags

Some blogs are impossible to navigate in. Don’t join this party. Add relevant hashtags to all your publications (#MovieOfTheDay #CurrentDiscounts etc) and pin the navigation post. Thus, even a newcomer will be able to quickly find the necessary information, and your image as a thoughtful blogger will improve.
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