Instagram SMM panel and 6 more tips to boost your account this summer

Summer is typically characterized by lower activity on social media, and it’s quite understandable. Many people leave on vacation and gladly forget about endless scrolling and checking Stories of other people. For some bloggers, an Instagram SMM panel become the only source of likes and comments during busy summertime.
Sadly, when your followers disappear from social media for a few weeks, it doesn’t mean you can take a pause from blogging as well. In order not to tank your engagement, you have to stay active. However, it’s difficult to be creative when the only way to get more likes and comments is to order them from the website of cheapest SMM panel for Instagram. In this article, we will tell you how to keep rare audience engaged during the period of low activity.

Switch to daily and relatable subjects

Forget about lengthy texts and complicated topics, the Internet is overloaded with information. Most people are tired of useful content on social media, and they mostly open it to scroll and see some funny videos and memes. Well, you don’t need to switch to publishing only jokes, but think of how you can adapt the content of your niche to make it more relatable and easily understandable for people.
Topics like daily routine, humor, aesthetics of living, every day moments, or instant life hacks are the best for boosting activity and drawing attention to your account during low periods. Plus, it’s a good time to add vacation vibes to your Stories and Reels. And if you notice that people are still lazy and doesn’t react even to relatable content, use SMM reseller panel for getting more likes.

Give personal opinions (not just retell what you read)

Giving the same information as people already read somewhere on Google is a bad way to announce your expertise. Always give your opinion and your point of view, and the beauty of this – many people can support you, and others may disagree with your opinion. Such a controversy may sparkle a lengthy debate in your comment sections, and as a result, your account will be getting more attention and boost.
We know that sharing your raw and unpopular thoughts may be scary, especially if your blog is still small. But with the help of a reliable Instagram SMM panel and its services, you will quickly gain the desired amount of followers and boost your publications. Giving users the impression of an active and popular account is the main reason why you should try SMM panel for social media services.

Add catchy phrases at the beginning of your Reels

First 2-3 seconds of any video are defining for bloggers. And what a user sees during this short period of time will influence his decision to watch your Reel further or simply swipe up and move to the next video. Add triggering phrases to make sure that the interest of the majority of followers will be aroused:
·       90% people make this mistake when brushing their teeth;
·       do this for 3 days, and your life will improve;
·       how I managed to + life hack.
Remember: competition on social media will be only growing, and a strong hook is your only chance to attract users and make them pause endless swiping.

Consistency will pay off

Posting for 2 weeks and then giving up and saying “blogging is not for me” won’t get you far. It takes a while to get noticed by users and algorithms, and Instagram should notice that you’re serious about your blog. It may take 20-30-50 Reels before one of them will finally go viral, and if you give up after your fifth attempt, you won’t reach any success in blogging.
During summer, you may slow down and stop generating content with the same speed or frequency. Your task during this period is to retain the same level of engagement. You can do it with our tips or with the use of the cheapest SMM panel for Instagram.

Make specific Reels

Your Reels should align with your niche. Your niche / theme is a the problem you solve for people. Describe your dream follower: what issues from your niche he may have and how you can be helpful for this person. The biggest mistake of many beginners is trying to please everyone without a specific goal in mind. This is not a way to growth – this is a path to a quick burnout.
When you make a plan for your Reels, keep one important question in mind “Would my dream follower gain something by watching this?”. And if answer is yes, proceed with executing your idea. Even if you make everything perfectly right, it’s still impossible to predict if your Reel will be viral. When some of your ideas don’t work out, try to improve the statistics with the cheapest SMM panel. But don’t use it immediately – some Reels need time to get promoted by Instagram algorithms.

Get more with a cheap SMM panel for social media services

When things go so bad that you think of giving up and deleting your blog forever, remember that there’s still a way to boost your account. No matter how passive your audience is, SMM reseller panel can help you change the sinking statistics under your publications and Reels. GlobalSMM is a leader of providing quality and affordable services – likes, comments, views, and of course, non-drop follower for Instagram. We also have services for other social media, so make sure to check the full list of our offers.
When you use an SMM panel for social media services with moderation, it will bring only good for your blog. Plus, the services have become more and more safe to use in the recent time, so there won’t be any problem with Instagram.

Make it fun

If you’re struggling with making content, uploading videos with your face, or are simply afraid to face criticism from your followers for not meeting their expectations, try to change your attitude about the blog. First of all, it should a place where you feel relaxed and calm. Here’s a simple trick to help you get in the mood: think of one person (or a group of your close friends), and imagine that you’re sending him all this information in a chat.
If you tried everything, including the cheapest SMM panel, but real users don’t show any interest in your content, take a deep breath and wait until everyone gets back to work and school. Summer is a period when people spend less time glued to their screens but they’ll be back, that’s for sure.