Creating a blog: organic way vs SMM services for Instagram

Creating a blog: organic way vs SMM services for Instagram

Dozens of articles sharing tips on how to increase your Instagram likes, followers, and overall engagement keep telling that you have to be patient and post regularly. However, what they don’t tell you is that the algorithms of the platform are constantly changing – good old ways to attract a new audience and boost your account may not be the same success as they were a couple of months ago.

Today, we are going to talk about the upcoming trends on Instagram and the ways to grow your blog from zero to 100k (or more). We cover all the aspects – from daily routine to cheap SMM services.

Let’s get you prepped!

6 golden tips to increase performance in 2022

We hardly believe this until we find out ourselves: there’s actually a ton of work behind success. No matter how much (or little) spare time you have, make daily posting your priority. As long as you have enough time for watching silly videos with hamsters, you should probably find a few minutes for useful things.

Whether your goal is to get more Instagram likes, new followers, see the coveted “K” or even “M” next to the number of your subscribers, or build a community of like-minders, be sure to use EACH of these recommendations:

1. Don’t disappear for weeks

Social media is the place where we build virtual relationships with each other. So your task is to be always present in other people’s lives (aka your followers). Be sure to create daily content – posts, stories, reels, live videos. Otherwise, the sneaky algorithms will drop your account to the very bottom.

2. Use tags

There are several kinds of tags on Instagram: geographical position, tagging other accounts, and hashtags. Every single one of them can be helpful in reaching new customers or audiences. When using correct geotags and hashtags, be ready to receive a flood of Instagram likes, views and saves from complete strangers.

As a business, you can even create the location of your shop, office, restaurant, etc with a brand name.

3. Find your niche (for personal accounts)

A bit of that and a bit of this will never work for keeping your subscribers interested. Choose 3 or 4 topics you are strong at and stick to them.

4. Be sociable

The best way to keep your subscribers engaged is to communicate with them. In the beginning, reply to all comments and direct messages. As your blog grows, select the most interesting or relevant comments. There’s simple psychology behind it: people love attention!

5. Choose only quality content for your feed

That should actually be the first rule. Everyone loves high-quality photos with many details to look at. Give followers this chance – make them want to come back to your story or post and study it closely.

6. Boost your popularity with SMM services for Instagram

Always a working method at any stage. If you feel like the statistics are about to drop, boost the activity in your account with a generous portion of likes and comments. For beginners, it’s a great way to get your first 1k or reach any other pretty number.

What SMM services for Instagram to choose

Depending on the aim, it’s possible to generate attractive numbers for any kind of content in your profile: likes, comments, followers, stories views, reels and IGTV views. A good panel with worldwide offers, like GlobalSMM, can help you with selecting a specific service – non-drop likes, followers from a certain country or area.

The selection of services is quite impressive and responds to the needs of all kinds of customers. Beginners can start with packages of likes and followers for a small price. Serious accounts are offered “heavy artillery” in the form of 200k new followers or 300k likes.

Will buying Instagram likes and followers hurt your account?

The web is about to explode from the number of articles describing the negative impacts of SMM panels. Is there any truth in them? Let’s find look at this question from the perspectives of two situations!

Situation 1. A new account with zero or few followers

Reaching your first 1k is the hardest thing to do on Instagram. Because would ever trust a newbie, right? In this case, it feels natural to use cheap SMM services. You don’t have to actually gain a 200k audience at once but simply give your posts a little boost – a big amount of likes, comments, and followers will indicate to people that your content is worth it. So, if you are moderate, getting a little help won’t hurt.

Situation 2. A popular account

Sometimes, Instagram may shadow ban accounts without even notifying them. It happens more and more often, even among celebs. As a result, you simply vanish from the feed. In this case, SMM services can help you to keep the main metrics at the usual level.

Does Instagram know about you buying likes and followers? No! The platform can indicate massive growth of interactions, however, it can also happen if your post becomes trendy. Moreover, even the fastest SMM panel won’t be able to immediately grant you the desired numbers. And as we know, there is no harm in gradual growth.

GlobalSMM – a panel with worldwide offers

GlobalSMM is a great panel with a total number of 256 services suitable for every kind of account. Whether you have a personal blog or run a shop, striving to get the first 1k followers, or already got thousands of subscribers, the website will be useful for you.

The list of services is quite impressive. Each offer has a short but clear description: speed, quality of Instagram likes (profile photo + posts), guarantee, drop rate and other important data. Choose the most interesting one according to your preferences and budget. Just scroll down the page and select the most suitable option. Or use the search field for filtering and quicker access.

When placing an order, you can select the actual amount of likes, followers, or views – the minimum is 10. Thus, you won’t be raising any suspicions for the platform and won’t mess with its algorithms.

If you never worked with social media panels before, GlobalSMM offers you a test version – a small amount of Instagram likes free of charge. However, more than 400 thousand unique users won’t lie – the service is working!

Final Thoughts on growing on Instagram in 2022

As you are getting more serious about the popularity of your account, you should use all the available methods of growth, including SMM services for Instagram. Nevertheless, don’t forget about actual work – make regular posts and engaging stories, communicate with your audience and post quality and interesting content.