Buying likes and followers: is it worth the investment?

Buying likes and followers: is it worth the investment?

If you want to be successful online as a company, you can't do without social media or social media marketing these days. Whether it's Facebook, Twitter, Instagram or YouTube - every company needs to be present on the social network in order to reach its potential target group. It's easy to get started on the social web: in no time at all, you've opened a company profile on Facebook or set up an Instagram business profile.

A lot of time and energy goes into a good social media strategy. Posts and content are planned weeks in advance and collaborations with influencers are diligently cultivated. But even the most professionally maintained and regularly used channels are of little use from a marketing perspective if they have no fans and followers. Even if the first post comes easily, getting started on the platforms is often more difficult than you think. This is because followers rarely come on their own; they have to be collected and retained with great effort. Some people then consider simply buying followers and thus taking the shortcut to a successful social media presence. Simply buying likes also seems like an interesting option. But does that really make sense?

The business with likes and followers

Where can you actually buy followers? As it turns out, there are countless providers on the Internet who specialize in the topic of "buying followers." A short Google search and you have a long list of websites that offer some form of follower purchase.

Many providers on the web cover a wide range. You can not only buy followers for Facebook, Instagram, or Twitter, but also for the entire social media spectrum: Snapchat, YouTube, Google+, or even Telegram are included. In addition, with some platforms, you can decide whether you only want to buy followers or likes, or whether you also want to buy interactions. Shares, comments, retweets, or even downloads are also offered in some cases.

Actually, all providers that sell followers offer you packages: for example, 1000 followers in one fell swoop or spread over several weeks. If you opt for larger packages, you usually get volume discounts. You can get a small subscription package for less than 10 euros. However, there is no upper limit. In addition to a significant amount of followers or interactions, the platforms also promise you high-quality user profiles with high-priced offers. Buying followers - just like buying likes - is not expensive. You can buy a few thousand followers on Instagram for just a few euros.

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In our blog, we have also published a lot of interesting information for you on the topic of social networks, e.g. how to use Instagram hashtags in a targeted manner or how to optimize your videos to get more video views.

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